Marvel Cinematic Universe

A community created wiki documenting details of all MCU series in all media and related topics.
Official site from Marvel, with clips and bonus materials for the MCU as well as other Marvel movies, with and links for purchasing or viewing them online.
This review site maintains this page with interviews, trailers, clips, and other materials promoting and evaluating the MCU movies.
This page is probably the most convenient source of basic information on the creation and progress of the MCU, including a reliable list of the MCU installments in all media.
Article about Kevin Feige.

Superhero Cross-Media News

This website provides news, columns, and reviews covering both past and current comic books, as well as comics movie adaptations.
This website provides news and reviews covering current comic book titles.

Comic Book Issues Indexing

A database of images and publication information for comic book series, built by volunteers. Probably the most comprehensive collection of comic book cover images available.
A database of publication information for comic books including writers, artists, and other creators by individual issue or story. Volunteers register to contribute data.
This feature on the site Mike’s Amazing World of Comics allows you to view the comics from many publishers from the month they were sold or with a specific cover date. (These are not the same thing; for many years, cover dates were deliberately later than the on sale date so that retailers would keep them on the racks longer.) Includes American comic books from 1934 until a few months ago.

Commentary on Comic Books and Superheroes

The comics journal has a long history as an intellectual magazine about comics. Their archives include many insightful critiques and creator interviews.
Originally published in Studies in American Culture, October 2008. A revised version of this article can be found in Ages of Heroes, Eras of Men (Cambridge Scholars Publishing;, 2013)
A fairly extensive bibliography of books, articles, and other publications related to comics, cartoons, and animation, provided by John Bullough of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Comics Industry Information

Provides historical sales and circulation data and statistics for American graphic novels and comic books reaching back to the 1960s.
A 2015 survey of comics retailers from around the world.

Comic Book Scholarship Resources

An extensive collection to links for comic book scholarship.
  • Comic Art in Scholarly Writing: A Citation Guide
Citing individual comic books can pose some unusual challenges. This site attempts to establish some standard practices for scholars. It is built primarily around MLA citation style, but its practices can be adapted for the Chicago style preferred by the Rollins history department.

Comic Book Primary Sources

  • Marvel Unlimited
This subscription site offers digital access to thousands of Marvel comic books.
An extensive collection of free downloadable files of comic books now in the public domain. An excellent opportunity to read a wide variety of early comics.
Another extensive collection of free downloadable files of comic books now in the public domain.

Film Resources

The website for Filmmaker magazine includes links to a considerable number of interviews with directors and other film professionals. Use the search feature of the site, with the name of your subject and the word “interview” to see if there’s anything available
A database of hundreds of downloadable scripts, movie scripts, screenplays, and transcripts of current, classic and maybe a few soon-to-be-released movies, television, anime, unproduced and radio shows.
AFI’s website hosts a wide variety of information about their institution and the history of film, including a collection of lists designed to generate interest in America’s film canon.
A comprehensive database of movies and TV shows, searchable by title; cast, crew, or character name; keyword; and more.
ScreenSite is a service of the Telecommunication and Film Department of the University of Alabama. It is primarily a link directory, but also includes articles

Film Reviews

This searchable database links to thousands of film reviews by professional critics.
This site provides excepts a variety of films reviews from newspapers, magazines, and web publications, and tallies the average response to each film.

Film Music

A hub of information on the film, tv and video game scoring industry. It aims to provide composers interested in these areas with interviews with popular composers, music software reviews on the most popular sample libraries, plugins and VSTs in the industry, and a wide range of articles and tutorials on the many aspects of film/tv/game scoring.
On the Score is a regular feature of Film Music Magazine featuring audio interviews with many prominent composers.